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Before beginning a long and expensive legal action it is convenient to get information on the financial position and your debtor.

You need to know how to make a full and proper assessment of the debtor’s position, so you have to have access to the proper resources and expertise to get full knowledge of your debtor’s properties and sources of income that you can count on

Pre-Legal Investigations, Why are they useful?

-          To evaluate the successful rate of a legal action
-          Tracing address
-          Research debtor’s new business activity
-          Financial Investigations
-          Research properties and real estates in Italy


While carrying out a pre-legal financial assessment, Informark will look at the rehabilitation opportunity with the customer. Once we terminate these activities, we will provide you insights on your debtor’s state and we will also be able to provide an assessment of the actual pay capacity of the debtor.

If the relationship, unfortunately, still moves towards a more litigious route, then you can utilise the information collated, enabling you to make a next stage recovery decision based on what you know about the debtor.

After that you can evaluate with our consultants the opportunity to start a legal action or alternatively transfer your credit and account it as a loss in your balance sheet so that it will result in tax savings.

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