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DEBT COLLECTION - About Debt Recovery in Italy

Companies always face difficulties when trading with customers who could suddenly turn unruly or even break the law in some circumstances.

Every company's challenge is finding a way to prompt seriously delinquent customers in order to stop them from taking advantage of their creditors and collect the full balance before it becomes a bad debt.

Informark provides swift and timely collection services, following up debts quickly to urgently address delinquent customers, which reduces net write-offs. 
Therefore it is imperative to submit your inquiry without delay to avoid outstanding debts turning into bad debts.

Take action now and avoid the risk of bad debts! 
The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to recover your debts.

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The debt collection process in Italy.

Extrajudicial debt collection is the cheapest and easiest way to collect your debts in Italy.

Therefore our team always suggest to proceed with an extrajudicial procedure when certain conditions are met. Our qualified staff aims to discuss and negotiate a plan with the debtor to recover the full amount of your debts. Eventually we negotiate a settlement with the debtor.


Debt Recovery Process in Italy

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