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Extrajudicial debt collection is the cheapest and easiest way to collect your debts in Italy. 

Hence when certain conditions are met, our team always suggest proceeding with an extrajudicial procedure. Our qualified staff aim to discuss and negotiate a plan with the debtor to recover the full amount of your debts. Eventually we will negotiate a settlement with the debtor.

Our efforts are focused on providing our clients with an immediate intervention to collect their debts and stimulate the debtor to cope with his obligations.


The debt collection process:

  1. Account is placed for debt collection
  2. The debtor is notified of the request of payment by our agency. Demand letter is sent to debtor 
  3. Attempts of debt recovery through Agent Intervention. We try to arrange payment, resolve any disputes and obtain precise commitments by the debtor.
  4. We investigate the claim and check the debtor’s status
  5. Legal Warning: if the debtor fails to cooperate in resolving the debt, we make extra pre-legal collection attempts by our affiliated lawyers
  6. Final Report: we send our updates and recommendations to our clients, also including details of the debt collection process and suggestions how to proceed further 

Processing Time: 30 days once the account is placed.

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