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Credit control services and Commercial Reports

Insolvency Risk Prevention 

Informark, provides informative services to accurately verify the degree of solvency and financial reliability of a company. We substantiate the business and the economic-financial structure of any company; as well as undertaking any necessary searches with both physical and persons.

We provide both real time online services over the Internet from various official public sources and extensive offline research activities such as commercial/financial investigations and asset research.

Commercial and financial reports help our clients to avoid any risks when dealing with new partners. They can also be used to check current clients’ status before before they are unable to reimburse any debts. Lastly such reports assist in constant monitoring of the economic and inheritance  status of any partners in order to help your business avoid bad debts and the debt recovery process.

Please find a list below outlining some of the information we can provide:

• Business and Commercial Information on Italian Companies
Reports available in several formats, they help you to understand the grade of reliability of a company and obtain information in relation to clients’ financial status.

• Chamber of Commerce, Land Register and Courts
These reports allow you to verify a company’s legal structure, check the presence of any grievances, bankruptcies or prejudicial events, including those against company members or representatives.

• Business Information on Companies Worldwide
These reports contain all the economic and financial information available in the country where the company is located and operates.

• Balance Sheets providing Economic and Financial Results
Involves an analysis of the economic and financial situation of the company.

• Company Reports
Contains aggregated official data derived from public sources.

• Individual Reports
We help you to verify the existence of any grievances or prejudicial events against your partners and lists businesses in which the individual figures own company shares.

• Customized Information
Our clients can decide which information and reports they want to obtain. Our reports can be personalized to a client’s specific requirement, to better focus on certain information and show any trends.

Informark endeavours to supply the best level of information by integrating official data with unofficial data obtained from other sources and local correspondents by highly qualified personnel.


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