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Honour Member
Federation of Private Institutes for Investigations, Information and Security
Life Member
World Association
of Detectives
Italian Association for Credit Management
International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives

Alberto Paoletti


The Management

Mr. Alberto Paoletti, Owner and CEO

Mr. Paoletti founded Informark in 1969 and at present he is the CEO of the company.

Since its origin Informark provided commercial, financial and balance sheet information on companies status. In 1989 Informark expanded its business to civil and criminal investigations, through the new division named "General Investigations", which dealt with many important cases of national relevance, both in private and corporate scenarios (see press releases).

In the same year, Mr. Paoletti collaborated with the Institute of Criminal Procedure at the University of Florence to define the role of the private investigator in defensive investigations (Article 222 of Code of Criminal Procedure Rules).

Mr. Paoletti has also provided a fundamental contribution defining the Code of Conduct on Privacy Policy for Lawyers and Private Investigators issued on January 1, 2009. Mr. Paoletti represented Federpol ((Italian Federation of Private Institutes for Investigations, Information and Security) in the Study Committee that included the Privacy Guarantor and the main associations of lawyers.

Since 1997 to 2008 he was the Head of the National Department of Education and Training of Federpol where he organized and promoted numerous seminars and study courses in collaboration with organizations and universities.

He has been re-elected for the third consecutive time as Regional President of Federpol, which he is now a Honorary Member.

Mr. Paoletti is also member of the Italian Association of Credit Management (ACMI) and he is a "Life Member" of the prestigious international association WAD (World Association of Detectives).

Furthermore Mr. Paoletti is a member of the "Standing Committee for Legislative Studies of Federpol", where he is constantly involved in studying laws and regulations concerning information, investigations and security to propose new improvements and modifications to the legislative bodies.

This intensive research and study activity has raised the level of services provided by Informark to its clients with specific focus on: commercial and business reports, disposal of litigation and civil and criminal investigations.


Mr. Paoletti’s professional profile, CEO of Informark

1969 – gained authorization to establish an organization to provide information and private research (Licensed former ART 134 TULPS).

1972 - Member of FEDERPOL (Federation of Private Institutes for Investigations, Information and Security)

1981 - Member WAD  (World Association of Detectives)

1985 - Nominated Regional President of FEDERPOL (Tuscany Area)

1988 - Appointed Member of the Technical Committee for the creation of a tariff list for services of Information Agencies and Private Investigations by the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence.

1989 - Elected National Advisor of FEDERPOL

1989 - Authorized by the Prefecture of Florence to pursuit Criminal Investigations (ex Article 222 / n.act. Cpp)

1997 - Appointed by FEDERPOL as Coordinator of the Study Committee for the issues of Nataional Privacy Law (675/96)

2000 - Certificate of recognition by FEDERPOL for the intense work performed on behalf of the association by planning and organizing numerous conferences and seminars which aimed to deepen the operational techniques of private investigation and define the strict canons of behavior. Also confirmed President of FEDERPOL Tuscany.

2001 - Head of the National Department of Education of FEDERPOL

2003 - Confirmed President of FEDERPOL Tuscany

2006 - Confirmed President of FEDERPOL Tuscany

2008 - Member of the FEDERPOL Commission for the issue of the Code of Ethics for Private Investigators in collaboration with the Committee of Privacy.

2010 - Confirmed President of FEDERPOL Tuscany

PRESENT - Member of FEDERPOL Committee