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Federation of Private Institutes for Investigations, Information and Security
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World Association
of Detectives
Italian Association for Credit Management
International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives

Informark: Research Lab on Law and Economics


Law&Economics LAB

The Law & Economics Study Centre of INFORMARK is the "research laboratory" where many cultural initiatives are conceived and carried out.
Mr. Alberto Paoletti, founder and CEO of Informark, works on it in collaboration with organizations, associations, universities with the aim of studying the legal, economic and social problems linked to civil, criminal and financial investigations.

In particular Mr. Paoletti, Coordinator of the Study Centre, has served over the years his knowledge in favor of Federpol (Italian Federation of Institutes of Information, Investigations and Security), becoming one of the spokesmen in planning and organizing, together with other colleagues, numerous conferences and seminars.

The primary goal of these initiatives has always been the study of investigative techniques,

methods of data collection and the definition of conduct and ethics standards for the industry.


Contributions to Publications

le investigazioni private,
 guida operativa 2013 "Guide to Private Investigations", 2012

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il nuovo processo di esecuzione "The new execution process. forced expropriation", 2000
manuale-indagini-difensive "A manual on Difensive Investigations", 1999
investigazione-privata-nel-nuovo-processo-penale "Private Investigation in the new criminal trial procedure", 1990



Contributions to Seminars and Conferences

federpol stage specializzazione "Federpol: Specialization Manual, Part 1", 2006
federpol stage di specializzazione "Federpol: Specialization Manual, Part 4", 2004
federpol brand and trademark protection against fraud "Brand and trademark protection against fraud", 2001
Federpol defensive investigations in the criminal trial "Federpol: defensive investigations in the criminal trial", 1999
Federpol defensive investigations in the criminal trial "Federpol: defensive investigations in the criminal trial", 1991
Private investigations in the new criminal trial "Private investigations in the new criminal trial", 1988