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Honour Member
Federation of Private Institutes for Investigations, Information and Security
Life Member
World Association
of Detectives
Italian Association for Credit Management
International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives

Private Investigations, Private Investigator


Corporate Investigations (Italy and International)

Informark, funded in 1969, with over 40 years of experience in the areas of investigations on financial-asset and in civil and criminal liability, provides services to fully support our clients in the areas of business management for the protection of their credits and the security of their enterprises.

Civil Investigations:
- Observation services with video and photo evidence

Corporate Security:
- absenteeism control
- Infidelity of members and partners
- unfair competition
- counterfeit trademarks
- industrial counter
- telephone reclamations
- Research and interviews of witnesses

Criminal Investigations (Authorization pursuant to Art. 222 Code of Criminal Procedure, Standards Coord)

- Research and interviews of people informed about specific facts
- Research of witnesses in favor of the injured party
- Reliability control of witnesses of the other party
- Reconnaissance of people and things
- Extrajudicial experiments
- Research documentary, video and photographic evidence